Master Control Services

Centralized Master Control

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Master control center, media management, and business services for independent, small group, and public television broadcasters.

Our Mission

To provide the most efficient, reliable, cost effective central-casting service for the independent, small group and Public Television broadcaster.

Our Promise

To move your broadcast to a state of the art system; with specific equipment assigned to your specific air chain; with no capital expenditure on your part.

Your Results

By eliminating capital expenditures and reducing operational expenses, Westar Master Control Services allows your station to focus resources on the future and doing what you do best, growing viewers, advertising revenue and community involvement.

Traffic Media Management

Daily Traffic Log Development

Continuity Coordination


Program Formatting

Media Management

Offline Synchronization


Asking the Right Questions.
Making the Tough Decisions.


What are my annual maintenance and repair costs?
Your monthly broadcast stream, maintenance & repair are also built into your monthly operating service fee.


Will I own my broadcast stream equipment?
While dedicated exclusively to your signal distribution, the broadcast equipment employed in your service is part of the larger master control facility.


How long does the on-boarding process take?
90 days
Once Engineering has approved the broadcast signal chain & equipment has been ordered – the build-out/light-up process takes approximately three months.

What are the responsibilities of my operations?


Station operations remain responsible for all programming acquisition, coordination and episode scheduling.

Offline Storage

Westar acquires and transcodes a stations approved ‘nearline’ programming (within two weeks of broadcast air). Station operations remain responsible for offline content storage. Westar is a tapeless facility.

Promo & Commerical Development

Westar will provide an FTP site for your station to upload local promos and commercials in a format that matches one standard.