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Westar Satellite Services specializes in providing the broadcast industry with a complete range of telecommunications video and IP services. We back up our services with a team of dedicated professionals and years of experience in the video transport industry.

Westar's world class satellite facilities enable us to serve demanding enterprise, media, entertainment and government customers with a full range of services. Westar provides customers with national video contribution and distribution over satellite or IP. We supply network video services on occasional and full time basis to both large and small customers. We operate 24 x 7 x 365 and work with your traffic and special events personnel for smooth local, national and international events. Westar has fiber interconnection service to Washington DC and the US Capital as well.

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Westar has the longest history of delivery over satellite in the United States. Since the early 1970s, and the Westar1 Satellite, Westar has provided reliable performance in contribution and distribution of content for broadcasters. The largest media companies, content providers, and cable companies have used Westar’s facilities.

Westar’s traffic, booking, and NOC have been finely tuned over the years to deliver performance with every call. We offer full time, occasional use, and special event solutions for transport, space segment, and teleport services with the highest industry reliability and customer service.

Westar also provides distribution of advertising to television and cable companies throughout North America.

Whatever your content distribution requirements are, give Westar an opportunity to provide you the service that is known throughout the industry. Call our 24x7 booking center at (866) 980-7400 or (972) 291-6000, extension 2 for our sales department.